Saturday, September 01, 2007


Dictionary Corner #6

Atavistic – adjective,

Related or reverting to the feelings or behaviour of the earliest humans: an atavistic fear of the dark

- DERIVATIVES atavism noun, atavistically adverb

- ORIGIN Latin atavus ‘forefather’


Fred in De Barras

The last time I saw Fred was a couple of months ago in the Cork Opera House when they were launching their new single called ‘Good One’. The Opera House is a reasonably big venue so seeing them play in de Barras and sitting on a bench a couple of feet from them was a little weird but also kind of nice.I think it was a bit weird for the band too because the lead singer mentioned that the audience was so close it was like being in an exam! The band gave a very energetic performance and played lots of songs from their album ‘Making Music So You Don’t Have To’.