Thursday, April 06, 2006


Chocolate on my chin

NutellaWhen I got back last night from my final ballroom dancing class, I was a wee bit tired after dancing everything from the slow waltz to the Tango (quite badly). As I strolled into the sitting room 'Notting Hill' was just starting on RTE 1. I always get sucked in by rom coms because you know everyone will end up happy by the time the credits roll and its a nice escape from reality. So I plonked myself into an armchair with my favourite snack of pretzels dipped in nutella. By the way I've totally fallen off the whole 'I've given up chocolate for lent' wagon. My lenten resolution has been downgraded to 'I've just given up confectionery'. I know Jesus went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights but did he get chocolate cravings? I watched about half of the film before I decided to head to my room, partly because I've seen old floppy hair and big lips get it together loads of times before and partly because I'd finished off the jar of nutella. When I went to brush my teeth (and thus found myself in front of a mirror) I realised that I had a lovely little blob of nutella on my chin. I guess I'm just going to have to invest in a bib!(morto)

James Bond never had to put with that kind of shit!
Hey can't believe you fell off the choco wagon. Can I smoke now???? Only kidding. I am sure Jesus had a sneaky snickers hidden up his sleeve anyway.....
So you obviously haven't seen me devouring a packet of chocolate biscuits recently. :-)
haha, careful of having too much chocolate, its bad for health. oh, i'm sure jesus have some chocolates in his possession when he entered the desert. unless he prefered something else.
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