Tuesday, April 18, 2006


'Hey DJ Play That Song!'

Many thanks to DJ PCB for using his considerable dj-ing skills on Friday night at the annual cocktail party. It started slow enough with two and a half hours of some of the best mixed house music known to man, which was unfortunately universally unappreciated, except by the DJ himself. (There were some lovely shapes being thrown in the make shift DJ box)
Things came to a head at around half eleven when Peaches got into a verbal scuffle with the DJ, demanding either 'Abba' or 'Queen' pronto and declaring that he was 'the worst DJ ever' when her requests fell on deaf ears. This prompted Batgirl to intervene and after some verbal & physical persuasion a compromise was reached. DJ PCB then proceeded to play a fine set of tunes. The rest of the evening ran relatively smoothly from a musical point of view with the introduction of several guest DJs. Many thanks to DOC and Cel for starting the trend of mixing things up.

Ok, in fairness to you Betty, you could have been a lot harsher on me so I'm going to chalk that one down as a success... regardless of what Peaches thinks!
It was a success - you just had a tough crowd. I'd chalk it down to a good learning experience. :-)
What crowd?

I'm with Peaches, who I christened Muck girl on PCB's site, she'll be glad to hear.
Hey BTS, how you getting on in your new pastures?
The music was muck. MUCK I SAY!!! I mean what kind of dj doesn't have abba or queen in him collection! Sacked! Time to start interviews for next years party. Am sure i could get more than 2 people on to the dancefloor (and both of them were talking!)
Peaches Darling, easy now. Like I've said before, underneath that veneer of a cold-hearted bitch, you truly are a peach! I saw it in your eyes when I was peering into them...
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