Monday, May 08, 2006


The Cardigan Theory

Irish guys that wear cardigans have it going on upstairs. They generally tend to be intelligent and fairly relaxed guys. Three cheers for guys in cardigans!

Jesus, now you're just totally losing it!
So can I take it that you don't agree with my theory. :)
I'm not sure. Presumably, the cardigan wearing would have to be entered into freely? Otherwise, I could simply blow your conjecture out of the water by simply putting a cardigan on the dumbest gobshite I can lay my hands on.

Then again, most of the Irish guys that I know who wear cardigans are probably all grandfathers and they generally do have it going on upstairs as there's usually nothing much going on downstairs... and they're all fairly relaxed now that I think about it!

I'll give it some more thought before I get off the fence. However, don't hold your breath as personally I don't hold out much hope. :-)

Besides, I'm not sure about your motives. As a sheep, I reckon it's a cheap gimmick to appease your target market, after all, most cardigans are made of wool.
Good point PCB, methinks Betty is starting to feel the heat with the great weather we're having. It's too warm for wearing wooly jumpers so she targets the cardigan market, which has definitely been stagnating of late.

You wouldn't catch me wearing a wooly cardigan Betty, far too itchy.
Hello!Carlo says his going to send ya a free ep for the plug!With regard to this whole Irish men being frigid issue ,you have!Thanks for the retraction but i think you still believe Irish men are frigid ,it's a tragedy!
Just a question, is it just the non Cardigans wearing members of Irish society or all of us?Oh ya,you and the girls are welcome back to Padova when ye want!
Irish men frigid! There's only one thing for it... we'll have to send a group of randy rebels out there to set those Italian girls straight!
Thanks Tomo, a free Club 11 EP would be great! I'm glad your reputation as the Irish Casanova in Padova has been restored. I'm sure that cardigan wearing and non-cardigan wearing Irish men are equally amorous. (Note to self for the future - do not drink wine and make stupid comments.) Thanks for the invite, I'm sure the girls would be delighted to return to Padova for some hot chocolate and bellinis. I never got the amazing jug of hot chocolate the last time and I meant to try it.
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