Monday, May 08, 2006


Padua, Italy

Many thanks to Tommy and Carlo for letting us stay in their apartment for two nights. An enjoyable two days were spent experiencing life in Padua including drinking in the square and drinking in the park. Padua's claim to fame (apart from being the home of St. Anthony's tomb) should be the incredible molten hot chocolate available in the bar with no doors (can't remember its proper name). This hot chocolate is served in a jug with a small bowl of cream on the side! Our last night in Padua was spent enjoying vino in a beautiful park containing fountains and sculptures. Drinking in a park in Italy is completely different to drinking in a park in Ireland. It almost seems classy, sipping wine from a plastic cup instead of bulmers from a can! A good night was had by all, with thanks to JC for giving the girls an impromptu salsa dancing lesson. However I'd like to set the record straight because it appears that certain comments that I made were misunderstood and therefore I'd like to categorically state that Irish men are not frigid. (Tommy, I hope this goes some way to restoring the reputation that you had carefully carved out over the past seven months as the only Irish guy in Padua). :-)

Do you have research data to back up that assertion?
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