Wednesday, June 21, 2006


England Top Group B

England played their third and final game in Group B last night. They haven't shown much spark in this world cup so far but it looked like they were on form for the first half of this game despite Owen's tumble and subsequent removal from the pitch. England's first two matches against Paraquay and Trinidad & Tobago were lacklustre to say the least. The win against Paraquay was attributable to an own goal and there wasn't any scoring in the Trinidad & Tobago game until the last ten minutes. England play Ecuador this weekend and for the sake of the fans I hope they can pull off an entertaining game. One of the more amusing sights of last night's game was Wayne Rooney acting like a petulent child when Sven took him off after 69mins!

Getting more scared by the minute...
Yes, as hard as it might be to believe (given my complete non sportiness) I have caught a bit of the soccer bug.
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