Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Superman Returns

I saw a trailer for 'Superman Returns' when I went to see 'X-Men 3' and now I'm really looking forward to seeing it. (I'm going through a bit of a superhero phase) It's great to see some new blood in the superman story. Superman has had a good run on TV, first with 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' and more recently with 'Smallville'. However there hasn't been a superman film since 'Superman IV: The Quest for Peace' in 1987. The new superman film picks up after 'Superman II' which was released back in 1980. I'm not sure whether it's the blue tights or the red cape but I'm a bit of a sucker for the superman story - so roll on the release date for the film which I think is sometime in June?

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So like what are you saying... if a guy was to like turn up at your doorstep wearing spandex...
So, what comment was deleted? Don't do the whole spandex thing again PCB. It wasn't pretty the first time around and it sure won't be the next time!
I think PCB entered the same comment twice and then deleted one of the repeated comments.

If a guy turned up at my door in spandex then I'd probably call the police - either that or I'd take loads of photos of the hilarious sight of a guy in spandex.
I'm not feeling the love!!!
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