Monday, June 26, 2006


Talking Cars

About a year ago I mentioned to a friend as we were walking to lunch that it would be great if cars could talk to each other (this was an idea that had just popped into my head so I characteristically revealed it straight away). I thought it would be great if a car could say 'thank you' to another car or 'please let me overtake you as I'm fricken late for work'. Said friend scoffed heartily at my foolish words and basically proceeded to make fun of me for the rest of lunch because of my outlandish idea. Well according to a recent post on the New Scientist Blog it's not such an outlandish idea after all.

Football, science, talking cars... I'm starting to get really worried!
No need to be worried - talking cars are cool!
That's awful that you can't make a valid suggestion without being knocked down by your so-called-friends! Ditch 'em I say. Imagine, you could have patented this and earned millions for yourself. And if your "friend" had been more supportive s/he could have taken a slice of the pie. Oh well.
That's so true, I had this great idea for active camoflague but then the bastards making the James Bond films used it to make Bond's car appear invisible... you snooze, you lose!
My neighbour was telling me about this guy who lives on our road, who bouaght a swish Jag secondhand.
It had a TV in the dash and a phone, operated by voice command. so, 'TV on', and 'Phone Noreen' (the wife) for example. It silently complies with everything it's told to do - Noreen had better watch her back.
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