Thursday, June 29, 2006


Thursday Morning Meltdown

It happens almost every morning but this morning it really pissed me off. I'm generally a peace loving person except when I'm driving a car. There is something about being behind the wheel of a car that makes me more aggressive than an East German hammer thrower back when East Germany existed. Every morning I get into my little festy, fondly known as 'Jonesy', (I'm a girl so I felt compelled to name the damn car when I got it) and cross three lanes of traffic to get into my lane. Jonesy is parked by the side of the road outside my house and depending on which direction the car is pointing in the morning this 'getting into the correct lane' manoeuvre sometimes involves doing a u-turn. While this is not my favourite way to start the day its not what drives me crazy. The thing that wrecks my head is that the left hand lane (my lane) is fairly narrow and the middle lane is badly defined with road markings. The lights always go green for those of us in the left lane before they turn green for the middle lane. It invariably happens that a car in the middle lane takes up too much room and those of us in the left lane can't get past it and have to wait for the middle lane cars to move before we can. This has happened to me umpteen times and while it’s always annoying I think the reason I nearly lost it this morning was that it was a stupid SUV type vehicle that was blocking my way this time. I can't fricken stand any SUV type vehicles. This is Ireland not America! I recently read an article featured on the New Scientist Blog entitled 'SUVs and Risk Compensation' and dated the 23rd of June 2006 that pointed out that SUV drivers are more likely to take risks on the road because they feel that driving an SUV is safer than driving an ordinary car. I could rant on about SUVs for ages but it probably wouldn’t do my blood pressure any good. I wish that Cork County Council would clearly define the three lanes near my house with proper road markings and that Irish people would stop buying fecking SUVs.

I had a really long comment but the page didn't load when I tried to publish the comment. Suffice it to say that I agree.

(Stupid Blogger [.com that is, not me {although the jury is out on that still}])

Like my parentheses?
Yeah, the parentheses are mad!
SUV Drivers will rot in hell, don’t you know.
My God, first use of the word "fecking" in your blog as far as I can determine! See, I'm a positivie influence after all!
Thanks for the input Gaybo. Always a pleasure to have an esteemed former broadcaster like yourself on board. :-)
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