Wednesday, June 21, 2006


What the Hell Did this Cat Eat?

Ok, when I saw this on a website recently I felt that it should be shared. This is the world's fattest cat weighing in at a hefty 40.8 kilograms (89 pounds). I've had an assortment of cats as pets over the years. Cats with eclectic names like Tadgh (commonly refered to as pussy), Finrover and Weezer. Some of these cats would have been considered to be pretty well fed but nothing like the picture of the cat on the left. It looks like this cat has eaten a dog! The antics of this cat can be seen in a short video clip.

I had a cat once. It tasted like chicken.

Ok, so that's borrowed from a t-shirt I saw but I'd say this fat cat eats a dog every second day. That is just disgusting!!! How can the owner allow the cat to get so big?

We had a cat at home that we saved from the certain starvation and a life of grime when it was left in the middle of nowhere. In return, she turned into an evil vindictive fat cat, not quite as big as this one, who only tried the cute act when she was hungry.

I'll never pick up a stray pussy again!
I'm sensing some bitterness towards cats in general, but you are right about this cat it is scarily fat!
This is no ordinary cat, it's obviously Garfield! Come on peoples, all you have to do is take one fecking look at him to realise this. He's just been eating too much lasagne! :-)

Donal, you're right, forget about picking up stray pussy, you'll only get yourself into trouble.

Betty, you're also right, Tadgh is a very eclectic name for a pussy, I've never heard one called that before.

(Ah look it, I tried biting my tongue, it didn't work...)
As always PCB, lowering the tone at every possible opportunity.
What are you on about, we're only have a conversation about cats?
Yeah, if it was anyone else I might actually believe that.
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