Thursday, June 08, 2006


World Cup 2006

The World Cup is starting tomorrow and sadly Ireland is not taking part. However this will not stop Irish soccer fans watching it in their droves and supporting an adopted foreign team. I will be lending my support to England purely because some of their players are recognisable to me (I'm not a big soccer buff). I also supported them in the 1998 World Cup while I was au pairing in Germany. I knew all the players names and watched all the press conferences with Glen Hoddle. This probably had more to do with the fact that Sky News was the only English speaking channel that I had access to rather than any great love for the English team. Supporting England is always tough. You want them to do well but you know that if they do win they will be unbearable. The fact that we are still hearing about how they won the 1966 World Cup is a case in point. :-)

Betty, a friggin' World Cup post! Jaysus, wonders will never cease!

On the other hand, I think you've misunderstood one small thing. Basically, 99.9% of Irish football fans will be surporting anyone but England and if I were you I wouldn't be trekking down to your local shouting hurray when England score a goal... for like your sake that is.
Surely the whole 'We can't stand the English' attitude is a bit outdated at this stage. I hope that more than 0.01% of Irish football fans will support England in this World Cup.
Don't mind PCB, Betty. I too will be shouting for England on Saturday. Sher I'm in the heart of their great country at the moment and seriously considering getting an Eng-a-land shirt.
RC, the only reason you'll be shouting for England is because you'd be afraid of getting beaten up while you're over there taking photos of London!

Betty, I never said I can't stand the English, it's just so much more fun listening to the excuses they trot out when they do lose. I honestly won't be losing any sleep over how they perform, good or bad.
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