Friday, July 07, 2006


Catfish Fuel

We all know its coming – the day when fossil fuels run out. It makes sense to think about alternatives now given that the modern world is so dependent on oil and gas etc. Well fear not, apparently the Vietnamese have cracked it. Agifish, a catfish firm, are planning to use catfish fat, which is left over after fish processing, as a fuel for running diesel engines. Agifish Deputy Director, Nguyen Dinh Huan claims that the fuel is as good as diesel oil. Samples of the catfish fuel have been sent for testing to Ho Chi Minh City to ascertain quality and gain government approval. A kilogram of catfish fat can produce 1.13 litres of biofuel, not a bad by-product especially considering the current search for new biofuels. Although the downside is that your car might smell permanently fishy – air freshener anyone? Check out the New Scientist Blog for an interesting article on this subject complete with links from ‘catfish fat’ to ‘chocolate factory waste’!

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