Wednesday, July 05, 2006


England Knocked Out

England was knocked out of the World Cup last weekend by Portugal. As usual it was not a straight forward affair. Wayne Rooney was sent off for stamping a Portugese player (in front of the referee – smart move) leaving the English team playing with just ten men. To be fair they played well just not well enough and the game ended in penalties. I don’t know what it is about the English team and penalties but the two don’t seem to go together! Needless to say England lost the game as a result of the penalty shootout. Following on from this defeat David Beckham has resigned as captain of English team, stating that it was time for a new captain to start afresh with the new manager.

Ah, that's just terrible, what a pity. I'd say half the country is in bits... what did Ray D'Arcy have to say about it?

Forza Italia suckers!!!
Thanks for your 'sincere' commiseration with all the England supporters.

I haven't heard Ray D'Arcy's take on England being knocked out of the World Cup.

Venez sur la France!
Huh. England team in 'Losing Sports Tournament' shocker. Stevie Wonder could see we weren't gonna win. As for watching the team bawl their eyes out - you'd need a heart of stone not to laugh.
And so it shall be... World Cup 2006 Final on Sunday - Italy versus France... time to choose sides! Fancy a wager Betty?
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