Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The Frames in the Marquee

The Frames played in the Marquee last Friday night and it was a great gig. The Immediate played the support slot and they weren’t bad but the sound was a bit on the deafening side. As the Frames took to the stage, those that had been enjoying a few drinks outside the Marquee quickly made their way inside. They played a good selection of songs including ‘Pavement Tune’ with the immortal line “I want my life to make more sense”, ‘Rent Day Blues’, ‘Santa Maria’ and ‘Star Star’. They also played ‘Fake’ which featured a brief but unmistakeable Elvis impression from Glen while singing the line “You’re always on my mind”. By the time they had played the first few bars of ‘Revelate’ the majority of people that were still sitting down promptly got to their feet and joined in. Glen was in flying form stating at the start of the concert that he was still on a high after seeing Roger Waters the previous night in the Marquee. The band played some new songs mixed in with plenty of old favourites. I would love to have heard ‘Friends and Foe’ or ‘Mighty Sword’ both from the For the Birds CD but alas this was not to be. Colm Mac Conlomaire has a solo violin piece in ‘Friends and Foe’ that is pretty special. During the encore the band did a class cover of Van Morrison’s ‘Queen of the Slipstream’. All in all the Frames gig was very enjoyable. The only thing that struck me as odd during the night were the number of people that were smoking inside in the marquee – did they not realise that they were in a big fricken tent?

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