Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My Mobile Phone

I went through all of my time in college without getting a mobile phone. For some reason when they came out and were ‘all the rage’ I didn’t want one. I eventually got one when I was on a three month contract in Dublin because I was advised that I would never be able to arrange to meet friends without one (which is scary but true). That was four years ago and I still have the same phone. It’s a nokia and as far as I can tell it’s almost indestructible. Granted it has a few scratches, the nokia sticker is gone off the front of it and I have to charge it practically all the time but other than that it works perfectly. However I’m starting to feel under pressure from society to get a new one. There are the looks of horror when I take it out of my bag, the shrieks of disbelief that it can’t take photographs and let’s not get started on the fact that I don’t use predictive next. To be honest the predictive text thing has nothing to do with the phone being ancient – I’m just odd. So my dilemma is should I stick with the trusty (but slightly run down) phone or upgrade to a new shiny model that would allow me to leave the house for more than 12 hours without having to drag my phone charger with me? Is it wrong to want a simple phone that just does stuff like make phone calls, send texts and maybe has an alarm too.

makes phone calls - check
receives phone calls - check
sends/receives text messages – check
has an alarm that wakes me up – check

All you need in a phone as far as im concerned……this coming from a man that the Nokia N70…but that’s a company phone, I prefer my previous no frills one…
Get the new phone, it will be lighter, smaller, will stay charged longer, will do all of the things you want and will look way cooler that that crock of thing you currently mirthfully label a phone. Also, you'll get free credit almost equal to the cost of the phone, it's a no brainer Betty!

While I have a camera on my phone, I rarely use it - file under optional - but the one time I took a photo and was just about to send it to you, I frickin' realised that your phone couldn't receive images!!! Please, for the love of God, do us all a favour and do it baby, do it, you knows you want it and it's our job to make you feel good about wanting to it! :-)
I agree - get the new phone. I use my camera all the time - came in handy on Monday. There's plenty of sleek new phones aimed at those who don't want a Teasmade/Bluetooth headset/kitchen sink.
Or, you could keep the old one, like I've kept my original Game Boy from 16 years ago - if it still barely works, you can say it's 'retro' and feel quite smug, even if you have to shout at the phone to get your text messages up... ;-)
To be honest I'm still vacillating about changing my phone. I'll have to ponder the for and against arguements for another while. :-)
Feck, I had to make a quick trip to www.dictionary.com when I stumbled upon "vacillating" in the middle of your previous comment!
I have the same phone. My suggestion, get a new snap on cover to change it's appearance, and a new battery.
I have the Nokia 1101. It has a monochrome screen and is basically the same as the 3310, BUT has a torch, is 1/3 of the weight and the battery can easily last a week before charging! And they are cheap. Like £20 cheap. I love it, check it out. I think Currys sells them, and other places like eBay.
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