Friday, July 28, 2006


Quote of the Week*

If you're afraid of loneliness, don't marry.

Anton Chekhov

*This week's quote was provided by DJ.

So, have you told A this one yet? Don't think she'd quite agree!
Yeah, I don't think she would be that happy with me if she saw it. I guess the quote is just another view on marriage, some people think that marriage is a cure for loneliness and that can be a mistake.
Personally, I think this quote sucks (* looks around expecting a slap across the back of the head *) as it implies that if you do get married you will inevitably end up lonely, which to be quite honest is absolute bollox!

You may end up being lonely if you get married but you may not and vice versa if you stay single.

To be honest Betty, I expected more...
Your opinion has been duly noted. It's true that the quote portrays a rather pessimistic view of marriage, obviouly Anton Chekhov wasn't exactly the happiest of campers.
Besides, it's all DJ's fault... :-)
Chekov's wife must have found him a laugh riot, too.
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