Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Ray D'Arcy's New Role

I normally listen to Ian Dempsey’s radio show in the morning because it’s generally pretty good and I can’t really tolerate Marty in the morning. What has happened to 2FM that they would put Marty Whelan on early in the morning? Surely one needs a good strong mug of coffee (possibly laced with Brandy) before being subjected to that. Anyway I’m getting off the point a bit so I’ll leave the Marty rant for now. I was listening to the radio yesterday morning in a sort of distracted way until Ian announced that Ray D’Arcy is going to have a baby with his lovely girlfriend and co-worker Jenny. Needless to say I was gobsmacked but unfortunately I haven’t heard anything about it since. I couldn’t listen to Ray’s show because pesky work got in the way. I had a nice run of getting into work at about half nine and having the pleasure of listening to half an hour of Ray on the way to work but unfortunately I’ve had to nip that in the bud. Does anyone have any further updates on the Ray/Jenny/Baby story? Has it been officially confirmed by the couple themselves? Oh the curiosity and the questions! At the end of the day it all boils down to the fact that there could soon be a mini Ray/Jenny running around the place. Just think of the cute baby stories that the listeners of the Ray D’Arcy show could be subjected to soon. :-)

I think Ray is a fine Dj - better than dempsey (who only this mornin slagged off Waterford's Dan Shanahan for saying "I've only two words - un real" - Ian the langer suggested it should be one word - unreal.

Anyway Ray is the man - able to deal with humour and pathos, able to give it and take it. Ray isn't like Murphy's Dog.

Best of luck to him an Jenny and God knows he was the best on the Den !
Betty, that's just sad. Come on, why not just come out with and get it off your chest... your totally mad about Ray and kind of upset that it's not you having Ray's sprog... we all know it's true!
Des - thanks for the comment and I'm in total agreement with you about Ray's abilities as a DJ.

PCB - Just because I happen to like Ray's dulcet tones does not mean that I would like to have his sprog!!!
Methinks the lady/sheep protests too much...
Congrats and Best wishes to yourself & the delectable Jenny on the good news, I'm sure your tired of hearing it by now but how and ever...Great Show from the Islands btw, I loved every minute of it, perhaps it could be a yearly affair. I almost wept in my car (while sitting on Irelands greatest car park, the M50) when you were saying goodbye on your last day (I'm sure you were almost weepy too). Brilliant show all round, Keep up the Great work

P.S. you were great on the 'last word' too.
You have got to be kidding about "delectable" "lovely girlfriend". She is anything but. Can t believe Ray is with her, she is horrid.
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