Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Love Island Final

The Love Island Final was on last night for an hour and a half. They went over lots of old footage to flesh the programme out and for the most part that was enjoyable. In fact it was more enjoyable than listening to the last few contestants telling the camera that they didn't want to win and that it had been an amazing experience. At least Brendan (the man who was given an award for honesty on the Island) was forthcoming enough to say that he wanted to win. In the end I was disappointed that Bianca and Callum won, they were very blah about the whole thing. At least if Kelly and Brendan had won there would have been some real displays of emotion!

I can't say I know any of the characters but I'm just glad it's over. Being in 4 channel land, having tv3 taken up every night with this was a tad tiresome. They'll all go on and make loads of money in all the celeb mags. Is there any other reason for this show?
There definitely is no other reason for the show - it was blatantly a case of Non-entity Love Island - but for a few of them it's meant their climb up the z-list just got a bit easier. Now their mums know who they are.
I too was sorry that Callum and Bianca won, I mean they just sat there doing nothing for the entire time they spent on Love Island, they were just boring. At least Brendan the "sex pest" had a bit of excitement going - who doesn't remember when he took off past the security guys in his white y-fronts - and Kelle is just hot with a capital "H". It's just plain wrong that she hasn't had sex in 7 years, on that note, from a technical point of view, does anyone know if her Christian religious beliefs allow her to, you know, like give herself a bit of pleasure now and again or is that a complete no no?

Anyway, I agree with Donal as well, I'm glad it's over as I had become tired of it!
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