Thursday, August 17, 2006


Love Island

I have to admit that I’ve become a bit addicted to ‘Love Island’ and yes I realise that that is a really sad statement but it’s true. There are a number of reasons for this addiction, firstly I live in four channel land (RTE 1&2, TV3 and TG4) and there is nothing on at the moment, secondly I currently have the concentration span of a gnat and can just about cope with Love Island and thirdly I’ve been sucked into the dementedness of it all. I think Sophie Anderton is coming out of it quite badly. Is she acting or is she truly that self involved? The producers of the programme pulled an evil stunt on Brendan the other night under the guise of a ‘game’ by showing the whole group what he said to Kate about them while he was in the love shack. Although it was kind of funny seeing him run away from the security guards in his white y-fronts after losing his sarong to them, he had every right to feel screwed over by the programme organisers. In fairness most of the rest of the group have slagged off other people on the island over the past few weeks but their utterances did not get a group audience. This stunt had nothing to do with the ‘spirit’ of Love Island which I assume at some point in the past was to get the people together with someone they fancied. There is very little romance in the camp at the moment. Callum is toying with Bianca and Chris & Colleen are getting cosy but neither of these couplings is particularly inspiring. The only chemistry on the programme is between the two presenters, Paddy and Fearne, who have great banter in between the various clips from the house. To be honest they make the whole thing a whole lot more watchable. I’m resigned to the fact that I will have to see it through to the end but at least it is only for another two weeks…

Even though I’m loathe to admit it, I too have succumbed to the Love Island bug... damn you to Hell TV3! That said, I suspect the real “spirit” of Love Island has more to do with ratings than love.

Personally, I think they should send me in to liven things up! I'd soon tell Sophie Anderton where to frickin' go, take the piss out of Colleen for her Barbie come to bed voice, slap Lee soundly across the face just because, steal Brendan’s sarong so that he’d be forced to wear his y-fronts continuously and finally, I’d do my best to shag Kelly senseless because she’s the most normal and beautiful person in there!
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