Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Radiohead and Beck

It seems like it was never going to arrive but the day of the Radiohead concert finally dawned last Thursday. It had been a long wait since March made somewhat exciting in the final week by the non-arrival of the concert tickets in the post. I made several harassed phone calls to Ticketmaster and found out that the tickets were sent out in April but they never arrived. Luckily the kind people at Ticketmaster agreed to have two tickets waiting for me at their box office/portacabin outside the entrance to the concert. We got to Dublin early in the afternoon and after dropping our bags off we bought tickets for the bus to Marley Park. At that stage hunger had set in so it was off to the nearest suitable establishment for some nourishment. Then we headed back to where the buses were leaving for Marley Park and joined the long long queue for a bus (which moved surprisingly quickly). I love going to concerts and seeing all the different types of people that go to them.

We made it to Marley Park and picked up the tickets shortly before Beck started playing. He started off with ‘Loser’ an excellent choice. I really enjoyed Beck’s performance and the band was great. The music was upbeat and they injected plenty of humour into their performance. The video towards the end of the puppets day out in Dublin culminating in them trashing Radiohead’s dressing room was very funny. After Beck had finished his set there was a bit of a break before Radiohead arrived on stage. Radiohead played for over an hour and a half which was great. I love their first three albums and when they played songs from these it was fantastic. The highlight of the convert was when everyone sang ‘Karma Police’ which is a personal favourite of mine. They played a good encore and even managed to squeeze ‘Creep’ in before the end. I sort of thought that they probably wouldn’t play it but they did a really enthusiastic version of it considering the millions of times that they must have performed it in the past. I was less enthused about their newer music but overall I really enjoyed the concert. If anyone hears that Beck is playing a solo concert in Ireland in the near future let me know!

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