Thursday, September 28, 2006


Mick Flannery in the Opera House

It seems that Mick Flannery just keeps moving to bigger venues at the moment. From playing support in Cyprus Avenue and the Half Moon he has graduated to the Opera House, not bad in less than a year. Mick played in the Opera House on Sunday night as part of the Beamish Experience. The support act was made up of Aaron Dillon and another guitarist and they played some good songs. Andy gave a bit of background to some of the songs and told a story about his experiences living in a flat above a drag club in Sydney which inspired one of his songs.

Mick Flannery came on around 8pm and was joined by a supporting band similar to the band that had played with him in the Spiegeltent. He played songs and explained the story of the songs that make up his album ‘Evening Train’. He also performed some new songs at the end of the night. I think that the lyrics to his songs are excellent but it’s funny to see the difference in confidence when he explains the song and when he performs it. He could mumble for Ireland but having said that he did become a bit more relaxed with the crowd as the night went on and his singing/playing was as good as ever. Thanks to the Evening Echo, Beamish Experience and Mags for the tickets!

Feck, that is a good achievment... from Cyprus Avenue to Opera House in one year!
Not to sound like a bad bastard but, it seems any old hobo can get into the opera house these days... but fair play to him anyway, whoever he is!
Sorry that came out bad, I didnt mean Mick Flannery is a hobo, I just meant other "performers". Foster and Allan for instance.
Point taken about Foster and Allen, I just think it is good to see a young Cork performer getting a chance to play in the Opera House which is one of the bigger venues in Cork.
hi there lovely stuff.. but the support acts name was Aaron Dillon.
Hi Anonymous, thanks for that I have updated the post to show the correct name of the support act. It has just dawned on me that Andy Dunne was the guy with the really deep voice that sang on 'Take it on the chin'.
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