Monday, October 23, 2006


Cadbury's Dairy Milk Coconut Rough

Cadburys have brought out a new bar of chocolate. I bought it by accident to accompany my coffee during a battle with the three o’clock slump. I thought I was purchasing a mint crisp but I wasn’t too upset by my blunder because I like coconut and love chocolate. After eating the bar, which I enjoyed, I’d probably give it a seven out of ten. It sort of reminded me of a luxurious version of the macaroon bars that I was semi addicted to when I was eight. I think they came in a white wrapper with green designs on it and they cost about 10p. I’m not a big fan of the name ‘Coconut Rough’; it doesn’t really conjure up yummy chocolate images. It sort of makes me think of chewing on coconut shells. If anyone from Cadburys sees this little post I’d advise a name change for this bar, pronto! How about ‘Coconut Crunch’ instead, it has nice alliteration without sounding like you are going to be eating the equivalent of a brillo pad. :-)

Mmmmm, brillo pads.

Must keep an eye out for that one.
"Coconut Crunch" - that's frickin' brilliant. Bastards should fire their marketing gurus and give you a shed load of money instead... like now!
"Coconut Crunch" hmmmm... it might conjure uncomfortable images for viable male customers.
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