Thursday, October 19, 2006



My sister’s car is out of action at the moment so I’m dropping her to work. I’m a relatively calm person overall but when I get into a car that calmness seems to disappear. Yesterday morning on the way to work my sister informed me, after I had yelled abuse at a car in front of me that she was thinking about getting me a voucher for Christmas. So I excitedly asked, ‘What kind of a voucher?’ thinking about how great it would be to stroll into HMV with a voucher in hand. Then she turned to me and said ‘A voucher for Anger Management classes’. Suddenly all thoughts of HMV disappeared and I realised that I am kind of angry in the car. I don’t have a very long drive to work but there were several car/traffic related incidents that made me cross yesterday morning. Maybe it was the guy that parked his car in the middle of a busy traffic lane at 8.45am in the morning that made me cross. On the other hand it could have been the guy who couldn’t decide which lane he wanted to be in as we were approaching a green light and took so long deciding that the light had turned red before he had finally made up his mind. Of course there is always the possibility that I am just a bit mental when I get into a car. :-)

I dunno, I find it difficult to imagine someone as congenial as yourself being cranky or angry... surely, it can't be true? :-)
If you feel the need for anger boiling behind the wheel, this may be an option. Or just let them have both barrels.
And s/he's back!

I can totally see Betty get road rage, she's not like the other sheep ya know, mind of her own which is a dangerous thing!
Like what are you saying... that's she's a sheep on the edge! :-)
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