Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My Mobile Phone - Update

My mobile phone has been a bit dire recently. I can make about three phone calls during the day before the battery starts protesting and the phone just dies. I was in town on Saturday with Ratgirl and decided that I would pop into an O2 shop to ‘have a look’. I was in the shop for about five minutes before I decided that I might as well just buy a new phone. Needless to say I picked one that doesn’t have a camera or web access or any of that other stuff that I don’t want or need. I brought the phone home with me in its shiny new bag and then I moved into my sister’s house the following day and the phone is still in its shiny new bag. I think I might have some sort of attachment disorder and I’ll have to gradually wean myself off my old phone which I’m still using. I suppose the word using is a bit strong, I carry it around with me and when the battery goes to two bars I generally turn it off and only use it for emergencies. On the plus side when I start using the new phone Ratgirl can no longer give out to me about not using predictive text. I believe that was the deal – I buy a new phone but I get to keep my status as a non-predictive text person. :-)

Choruses of angels sing hallelujah!!! Let the world rejoice! Finally, you're getting rid of that prehistoric fossil you so cutely label a phone... things will never be the same again!

(Perhaps a little OTT)
Not really, PCB! I believe I did a little celebratory dance when the new phone was purchased! Why oh why is it still residing in its box though? Betty, it's time to let go!!!!!
Ok, I might take it out of the box tonight. It's all about gradually getting used to the new phone plus I don't want the old phone to feel like its four years and four months of service are not appreciated. :-)
Girls, they're just phones. Now if they were shoes, I could understand...
The best way to get used to a new phone, is to smack the old one with a big hammer; smack it to smithereens! It's the best way to get over your ex as well; smack that bitch with a hammer... metaphysically speaking of course :)
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