Thursday, October 12, 2006


Public Enemy

I’m not a big hip hop fan but I like some hip hop artists like ‘The Roots’, ‘Lucy Pearl’ and ‘Erykah Badu’. Even though I’ve never consciously listened to Public Enemy I went to see them in the Savoy last night and it was an educational experience. I learned the following things:

1. It is very important to ‘MAKE SOME NOISE’
2. I live in ‘Cork, Ireland’ not just Cork
3. Mr. George W. Bush, Mr. Dick Cheney and Mr. Tony (Who) Blair are not popular gentlemen
4. I have ‘The Power’
5. Make Love, Fuck War
6. The Revolution is here or it’s coming (I’m not a 100% clear on that one)

Public Enemy definitely put on a show. They had a drummer, a guitarist, a bass guitarist and a DJ who each performed a bit of a solo piece during the show. The DJ was excellent and provided good back up the 3-4 guys rapping on stage. They also had two guys with samurai swords on the stage representing S1W (Security of the First World). I thought that these guys would do more, but other than occasionally looking like they would chop someone’s head off with a samurai sword and insuring that Flavor Flav didn’t get carried off to the back of the Savoy when he dived off the stage, they just stood there like two statues. Chuck D and Flavor Flav were good at getting the crowd going and they played some decent stuff. I might just have to invest in one or two Public Enemy CDs.

Betty, the revolution will not be televised! :-)

Also, good post... you so fummy!
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