Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The Queen

I went to see ‘The Queen’ ages ago and I’ve been meaning to put up a post about it for a couple of weeks. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to see this film. I’m pretty much indifferent to the Royal family and I wasn’t a big fan of Diana either but I had heard that Helen Mirren’s performance was excellent which was what spurred me on to see the film. Overall I enjoyed the film and found it quite interesting although at times it felt a bit odd as parts of the film contained actual footage that I had seen on Sky News at the time of Diana’s death. It was interesting to see a view of the reaction of different members of the royal family to Diana’s death. I felt kind of sorry for the Queen, she seemed bewildered by the outpouring of grief when Diana died and couldn’t understand why people were not employing the British ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude. The film wasn’t all about Diana’s death although it was set around that time. It showed Queen Elizabeth II as a very resilient person with a strong sense of duty. It also gave some background into her everyday life and even referred to her days before she was Queen when she was a driver/mechanic during World War II. The film was very well cast and Helen Mirren gave an outstanding performance as Queen Elizabeth II.

It's a good film and it is rather (yes, rather I say :-) funny when she rings the geezer on the mobile and tells him what she's done to the landrover.
Yeah, you kind of don't expect the Queen of England to know the workings of the underneath of a Land Rover!
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