Wednesday, November 29, 2006


BellX1 Tonight

BellX1 are playing in the Savoy in Cork tonight and I can’t wait. I did have a mild panic attack last night. I decided to pull out the tickets before I went to bed and when I went to get them they weren’t where I thought I had put them. I’m temporarily living with my sister at the moment so I spent a good ten minutes rooting through bags that I haven’t got around to unpacking (and probably won’t unpack if I am honest about it). In the end I found the tickets and was able to put them in a safe place ready and waiting for collection prior to the gig this evening. I haven’t seen BellX1 play since the end of January and severe withdrawal symptoms have started to set in. I’m hoping that Paul will be in good form tonight and provide us with some tourettes dancing with the corn on the cob shaker. I hope that Dave plays the banjo and the harmonica with gusto. I hope that Brian wears his ‘Human Beatbox’ t-shirt and …ok I’m going to stop now before I get arrested for stalking from afar.

Can't wait for this! Will be bringing the camera along so hopefully the bouncers will be nice. I expect the Savoy will be jammers!
I hope you had a great time at this, I know how much of a Bell XI addict you really are!!! :-)
Thanks PCB, it was a great gig so I'll definitely have to stick up a post about it.

Donal, I'm really looking forward to seeing the photographs that you took!
They'll get posted this weekend, I intend having a massive clear out of pics from the last month or so that even Daft Dave would be proud of.

They look ok, not great as I had to jostle for position and it all came to a premature end when that bouncer flashed that torch in my eye.
The problem with BellX1 is that they have a boyband name. It's like SClub7 or something.
I'd have to disagree with you there Gammagoblin, I don't think the name BellX1 is anything like SClub7. I mean SClub7 reeks of cheese and BellX1 doesn't. :-)
No, I think he has a point... that's just so SClub7 alright.
*Sigh*...I know I'm being baited here but I really can't stand by and witness people comparing the name BellX1 to SClub7 without wading in and defending 'BellX1' as a good band name. I mean what does the fricken 'S' stand for in SClub7 anyway?
Super... saucy... sexy... shite...

...anyway, what does the whole Bell thing mean?
BellX1 was the first piloted plane to fly faster than the speed of sound. :-)
Shit, I should (and did) know that!!!

Ok, that's a cool name. This time, you're so right. :-)
How dare you argue without me!
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