Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Driving Along in my Automobile

When I’m not consumed with road rage I actually quite like driving as long as I have some music playing. In fact music tends to have a pretty good calming influence on me when I’m at the wheel of a car. At the moment my top three driving songs are:
1. Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix
2. Drive – Incubus
3. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
What can I say about ‘Crosstown Traffic’ except that it kicks ass. There is nothing better than zipping along an uncongested road (within the speed limit) while listening to this song. ‘Drive’ is another good car song, a bit more mellow than ‘Crosstown Traffic’ but it still has oomph. ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ always makes me think of long drives when you need a good upbeat song to keep you going. All of these songs have the essential sing along quality that is crucial for a good driving song.

You like Jimi Hendrix! Like, I never knew... and to think that my entire Hendrix collection is wasting away in a crate somewhere.
Hmmm, that's nice PCB but I'd say you couldn't play Jimi Hendrix on a car's sound system if it's on vinyl!

Road rage continues so?
PCB, Jimi Hendrix's music is amazing, I didn't realise you had a whole collection of his stuff on vinyl.

Donal, music is a soothing aid in my never ending battle against raod rage. :-)
Well, maybe not a whole collection but over 20 records at least... some absolutely stormin' stuff on some of them. I have one track where he's playing a version of Day Tripper and John Lennon is on vocals... can you "imagine" Hendrix playing Day Tripper.
I can see a car/travelling theme with your songs there.
I wonder what would happen if you stuck on DJ Shadow's Mashin on the motorway!!!. How would you drive then?
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