Thursday, November 23, 2006


Get Smart

No, this has nothing to do with getting dodgy broadband or a really small car. I got an email today from someone saying ‘Good Thinking 99’ and it sparked off a wave of nostalgia for ‘Get Smart’. I used to love this programme when I was a kid. I think it was on a Saturday morning but I’m not sure. Get Smart was a satire of the secret agent genre and was made in the sixties, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t shown in Ireland until the eighties! The show had two main characters - Maxwell Smart, also known as ‘Agent 86’, played by Don Adams and Agent 99 played by Barbara Feldon. Maxwell Smart was a bumbling secret agent and 99 was his competent sidekick, together they worked for CONTROL (a secret US Government spy agency) against KAOS headed up by the original ‘Mr. Big’. I remember some of the gadgets on the show in particular the shoe phone which was hilarious. Max would be standing around in a trench coat trying to be inconspicuous (and failing miserably) when his shoe would start ringing and he would have to try and answer it discreetly. I also remember the end of the opening credits (or was it the closing credits?) where Max would be in a red phone box and would duck down out of sight just before the music stopped. I wonder if RTE would consider showing repeats of this programme on a Saturday morning again.

Think it was the start...used to love it too. Think I really wanted to be agent 99!
Lots of nostalgia in that post... :-)
It couldn't be on too early, I think it used to be on at 9am or something but when you're young and get up at the crack of dawn, 9am was quite late.

For more nostalgia, youtube is always good:
I;ve never seen this, but it sounds like something I'd love to start watching now.
Maybe we could start a campaign to bring back 'Get Smart'. :-)
I'd join that campaign!

We could call it "Get smart for Get Smart"
In the office where I used to work, there was a girl who had a very loud voice and used to chat to her pals on the phone all day.

The rest of us spent our time searching the net to buy a "Cone of Silence". Remember that one?
I remember the 'Cone of Silence' that Maxwell used to use when speaking to the Chief and it never worked properly!
wuhooo! nice post here.. :)

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