Thursday, December 21, 2006



Someone brought a box of Celebrations to work which was great because I really like them. As the box was handed around I went in search of a Topic sweet but to my shock and horror there were none in the box. I checked the pictures at the back of the box that showed which sweets were in it but again there was no sign of them there either. I can’t believe that Topics are no longer a part of the Celebrations selection. Am I the only one that liked them?

I find that hard to believe, surely there must be other topic sweet eaters out there. :-)
I like the topics aswell. They were the first sweet I went for. Maybe there is a logical explanation for this?
I think we should change the topic... damn, looks like they already did!
Ha Ha PCB as witty as ever. Unfortunately I'm slow today and it took me a while to get your comment!
And to think you said I wasn't funny...
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