Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Contact Lenses

I’m pretty much blind as a bat and have been for more than three quarters of my life so far. I wear glasses most of the time but I tend to wear contact lenses when I’m heading out for the night as was the case on Friday night. We had a work Christmas party and even though I wasn’t in the form for it I did pop in the contacts and throw on some make up. I always have a slight feeling of trepidation when I’m putting on my contact lenses. I’m a little bit squeamish about eye balls plus I’ve had a couple of incidents with the contact lenses. There was the time I was getting ready to go out and I decided to put my contacts on after I had sprayed perfume on myself. There must have still been some perfume in the air because when I put the contact lense into my eye it felt like my eyeball was on fire. I nearly went mental trying to get the contact lenses off my eyeball. Luckily on Friday night the contact lenses went in trouble free and I went off to the Christmas party without red eyes. I didn’t drink that much at the Christmas party because I felt like I was coming down with something. Anyway despite my sobriety I chatted away with different people as you do but by half one I was dying to go home. I eventually got home about an hour later and proceeded to remove my contact lenses which had served their purpose admirably.

The left contact lense was out in a jiffy but I hit a spot of bother with the right eye, the contact lense was stubbornly refusing to budge. At this stage I was getting a tad bit frustrated and feeling lopsided with crap vision in my left eye and reasonably good vision in my now bloodshot right eye. In the end I was so tired that I fell asleep with one lense still in place. I woke at 7am in a half sleep and remembered my wonky vision so I tried to remove the contact lense, again no luck. I woke up properly at about 10am and unsuccessfully tired to remove the lenses a couple of more times. Understandably my right eye was now red and sore after all the contact lense retrieval attempts. I was starting to feel slightly panicked and decided to ring specsavers. They suggested that I put in some eye drops and then try to remove the lense, if that didn’t work then I could always drop into one of their branches and get someone else to remove it. Thankfully I had eye drops close at hand. My sister administered a couple of rounds of eye drops and I gave the eye a chance to calm down before finally removing the contact lense. Oh the sweet relief of getting the damn thing out of my eye was almost overwhelming. I’m seriously rethinking this whole laser surgery thing, I mean it might not be that bad and having 20/20 vision for a while would be bloody marvellous. No more groping around for my glasses first thing in the morning and being able to buy cool sunglasses instead of the slightly odd prescription ones that I currently possess!

There was a time when I wore contacts. I remember once when trying to remove a bit of a stubborn lens it ripped and a little piece stayed on my eye. I tried to remove it numerous times and couldnt.
I left it as it was a tiny piece and wasnt effect my vision when wearing glasses.
But I could still feel the annoying little piece behind my eye lid and every so often would try and get it out. (I never once thought about calling Specsavers)
Then about 2 or 3 days later, I was sat at work and rubbing my eyes and felt something on hand, it was the missing piece of ripped contact lens.
I dont think my eye has ever felt relievement like it in all my life. It was heaven
Wow! This story nearly made me cry for so many reasons. No wonder things were great when your glasses were off, Batgirl.
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Eyes are very sensitive, you must be really careful with your hygiene before you put on your lens.
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That night and the next morning must have been really tough for you, Betty. I'm fairly new with wearing contacts, and I still kinda feel worried whenever I wear and remove them. My optometrist in Indianapolis fortunately is just a visit away should something comes up.

I guess if I really can't live with contact lenses, then I'll go back to wearing my prescription glasses which my optometrist (Indianapolis, IN) prescribed to me. It works for me more at this moment, but I'll see. Maybe I'll get used to wearing my contact lenses.
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