Friday, December 29, 2006


Road trip to see Snow Patrol

Four of us set off to see Snow Patrol in the Point on the 22nd of December. The very capable V-girl drove all the way to Dublin and provided some good tunes for the trip. We made one stop at the horse and jockey for food because we were all starvin’ marvin about an hour and a half into the journey. When we got to the hotel we took a brief siesta. Some of us used the time to wrap up in a duvet and watch crap TV (‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’ – oh the shame) while others used the time to change their clothes, put on make up and generally make themselves look ultra presentable. I’m not going to say which category I fell into but you can probably guess. When we got into the city centre shortly before six we headed straight for a restaurant to build up our strength before making our way to the point. The plan was to walk to the Point and as the weather was extremely Brr! (Co. Offaly) V-girl and I trotted off to Penneys in search of some woolly gloves and hats. Unfortunately after an extensive search of Penneys on O’Connell’s Street no gloves or hats were to be found (bar one seriously insipid pair of pale pink gloves that were attached to an equally insipid pale pink scarf). Not deterred by this turn of events we headed to Clerys and found a lovely selection of gloves and some nifty woolly hats too. I’m happy to say that I am now the proud owner of a pair of woolly purple gloves.

Although our new purchases were extra cosy and warm we ditched the idea of walking to the Point and got taxis instead. Despite this time saving decision we still managed to miss Duke Special and only saw about half of the Directors. I was sorry to have missed Duke Special as he is a good performer. As we stood around waiting for Snow Patrol to arrive on stage the floor filled up more and more. When the band began playing more people started pushing through the crowd and jostling for better positions. Nothing bugs me more than people that stand around the bar for ages and then at the last minute push their way through the crowd to get as good a view of the band as they can. Invariably these people are arrogant and think nothing of standing in front of people that have been waiting for ages in front of a blank stage for the band to come on. In the end Ratgirl and I got separated from the rest of the group and ended up leaving the crowd half way through the concert because it was so hot we thought we would pass out. Feeling slightly disgruntled by the pushy feckers in the crowd we snuck upstairs and wandered into the ladies bathroom. Then we wandered out and watched the rest of the concert from the balcony with an exceptional view. Snow Patrol were on top form and the second half of the concert (watched from the balcony) was very enjoyable!

Funny and angry at the same time... made me smile.
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