Thursday, December 14, 2006


Some Things That Puzzle Me

1. Why do guys repair loose buttons on white shirts with red thread – is this a special form of colour blindness?
2. Why do girls reference ‘Friends’ and guys reference ‘The Simpsons’ in conversation? I find myself referencing Friends and starting sentences with ‘Remember when Chandler…’, I have also noticed that guys do the same thing but they use The Simpsons as an example more often than not.
3. Why don’t guys wear engagement rings when they get engaged? Surely it would be good practice for them and get them used to jewellery before they get their wedding ring on the big day.
4. Why do shops always shove sweetcorn into the tuna sandwiches? Some of us like tuna but don’t like fricken sweetcorn!
5. Why do guys spit in public – do they have extra saliva glands or something?

1. It's a fashion statement.
2. The Simpsons have covered almost every aspect of life so there's a ready quote in their if you have the memory for it.
3. Rings? Tssch!
4. Sweetcorn is good for you.
5. Not extra saliva glands, just enlarged.

Well you asked!
1. A guy makes a stab at sewing and gets dissed for using the wrong thread.

2. Aren't we forgeting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.

3. Becuase the guy doesn't need the girl to buy him a flash ring to prove that she loves him.

4. It makes the tune look a little bit more colourful.

5. I don't know, maybe because it beats swallowing?
1. The thread starts out white but with all the bleeding from needle pricks it turns out red.

2. Becuase most people are cretins

3. Because men arent the ones that are engaged. It's like buying a house, the man is the buyer and the woman is the house... the ring is a deposit, to stop squatters moving in.

4. To try and hide the ikky taste of tuna!

5. I love swallowing phlegm... oh yes, a big glob of gloopy gloop from my lungs, yum yum yum!
Au contraire Anonymous, I applaud any guy that repairs his own clothes, but I would have thought that white thread would be more plentiful in a house than red.

Gammagoblin, your ideas about engagment rings are kind of scary! And what do you mean when you say 'men aren't the ones that are engaged' - if a guy asks a girl to marry him then surely they are both engaged?

Donal, thanks for clearing up my query about the saliva glands, I'm just not sure I'll be able to eat for the rest of the day...
I wish I could thread. I have a pair of work pants were the cuff thing has come undo and to keep that pants the same length, in stead of sewing the cuff thing, Ive selotaped it. Much easier. But no one can see.

I prefer to reference Seinfeld, only not many people get it. Like I talk about the "vault" (word used to describe keeping a secret.)
People dont get it, but at least they dont over not get it.
Just like you cant over die. Once your dead, your dead, you cant over die.
Ah sure if I didnt make my views scary you wouldnt have replied ;)
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