Friday, December 01, 2006


Travel Scrabble

About two years ago my sister bought a travel scrabble set in an airport when she was on her way back from somewhere (I don’t have all the exact details surrounding the purchase). She opened it recently and we played it the other night with D when there was nothing worth watching on the eight TV channels that she has (I’m beginning to think that no matter how many channels you have there is nothing worth watching most of the time). It was a lot of fun and there was a general mood of well being and merriment possibly enhanced by the hot ports and Baileys coffees that were consumed. I’m starting to get addicted to Baileys coffees; it’s getting hard to open a jar of coffee without looking for a bottle of Baileys at the same time. Its even getting to the stage where if I could get away with it I’d be sneaking mini bottles of Baileys into work to make that 3 o’clock coffee break just a little bit more amusing! I had forgotten how much fun board games can be especially with a bit of alcohol thrown in for good measure. In fact board games and alcohol might be a good way to liven up Christmas day proceedings this year, the tried and tested ritual of falling asleep in front of the TV after dinner is losing its appeal.

Im spending Christmas with the missus' family for the first time this year.
I've been told that 36 cans of Fosters have been bought, as that is my chosen drink. And that her family often play Trivial Prsuit. Should be a fun Christmas. If I remember any of it.
I have hundreds of channels and there's never anything decent on, so there.

Also, board games are great, it's a pity that most people won't play them. Ah well...
TBWLT - 36 cans of Fosters and Trivial Pursuit sounds like a very interesting first Christmas with the in-laws!

PCB - it is a shame that more people don't play board games, my mission this Christmas is to get some of the family to play a board game on Christmas Day.
We play Trivial Pursuit every Christmas at C's place. Gets quite competitive and sometimes not conducive to Christmas spirit! Must try and get the Irish edition for this Christmas.
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