Thursday, December 28, 2006


Weetabix versus Oatabix

I like Weetabix because it’s a pretty good way to start the day especially if you tend to be as hungry as a horse in the morning like me. When Oatabix came on the market I thought ‘great another Weetabixesque breakfast cereal to help me start my day’. Oh how wrong I was, I mean its not as if Weetabix is the most exciting breakfast cereal in world but compared with Oastabix its like a fricken Rio Carnival. Eating a bowl of Oatabix is truly like eating a bowl of cardboard soaked in milk, in fact if you substituted one for the other I probably wouldn’t notice the difference. I tried hard to eat Oatabix, I even mixed it with super fruity muesli to try and give it some taste. But it was no good in the end I just gave up, life is just too short to waste eating Oatabix.

I have to agree, Oatabix is probably the worst breakfast experience I've ever had! I'd say if you ate the packing it comes in, it would taste the same.
The fact that you like Weetabix is disturbing enough... oats are for horses, they love the stuff with a bit of water mixed in.
PCB, if you know any horses I have almost a full packet of Oatabix that I can pass on to them.
Look, to be perfectly honest, they'd probably turn their noses up at it... they can be fussy you know.
PCB, you could be right horses probably wouldn't eat the Oatabix.

As an addition to my lovely Oatabix story when I went home at Christmas my mother had bought two packets of Oatabix which my father refused to eat. They tried to pawn it off on me but I was wise to their game. :-)
I became addicted to Oatabix (with apples & sultanas) during a tour of duty in the UK with the US Air Force. Great for snacking right out of the box as well as with cold milk. I wrote to the Weetabix folks to ask if Oatabix was available in the US, but alas it is not. If you don't like it...too bad, all I can say is "Mint Sauce to you!"
I love Oatabix! I ate them every morning when I lived in NI, and can't find them now that I am back in American. I want my Oatabix!
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