Monday, January 08, 2007


A Bad Night's Sleep

The plan was simple; get a sound night’s sleep and go to work a little early in order to get a good run at a busy day. Things were not the best when I went to bed with half a headache; you know the kind, not a full blown headache but sort of a nagging pain at the back of your head. Anyway I figured that I would be able to sleep it off. Unfortunately after tossing and turning for about three and a half hours I finally admitted defeat and went downstairs to get something for the half headache that had turned into a raging headache. A glass of milk and two nurofen later and I was back upstairs and more than ready to surrender to some good old sleep. Thankfully I got to sleep fairly quickly but I had mental dreams and when I woke up four hours later I remembered one of them vividly. In the dream I had broken a tooth (badly). This dream coupled with the fact that I haven’t been to the dentist in a while is making me a bit paranoid. I mean sure I don’t have a toothache at the moment but is my dream trying to warn me to get them checked out. Could they be silently rotting away unbeknownst to me despite the fact that I brush them regularly? Maybe I just need to find a new dentist…

You are the third person I know who had trouble sleeping last night, must be something in the air. I am like a zombie today!
I had trouble sleeping various days over the last week or two.
But none were over troubled teeth night mares.
I think you should go for the check up. Even if you dont think there is anything wrong, and there might not be anything wrong, but its only a check up
Teeth dreams are apparantly a sign that you're worried bout something...possibly your teeth :-)!
Used always dreams that my teeth were crumbling before exams, really scary, I'd just touch them and they'd just crumble away!
Apparently, according to my dentist at least, who is a very nice woman and a great dentist as well, you grind your teeth more often while asleep if you are under stress. Therefore, people tend to often fracture teeth when they are overly stressed... anyway, you should be going to your dentist for a check-up every six months. Prevention is better than painful drilling!
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