Thursday, January 18, 2007


Big Brother

The first time I watched Big Brother was back in 2000 when it started across the water. I was living in the UK at the time and I was curious about the programme (plus it was hard to get away from it). I haven’t watched Big Brother since because I’ve had neither the inclination nor the channels to do so. However last night was an exception. I had listened to gift grub on Today FM in the morning and heard ‘Daniel’ giving a run down of the goings on in the house and it sounded like Jade Goody was giving some poor Bollywood actress a hard time. By the way I’m aware that the current programme is a Celebrity version of the original but I refuse to refer to it as that. If Big Brother is on and I am staring at the screen with a puzzled and quizzical look on my face then I won’t be referring to it as ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. Anyway mini rant over, the upshot of my flicking through the eight channels available at my sister’s house is that I watched part of the Big Brother programme. After watching about oh…10 minutes of it I came to the conclusion that Jade Goody has a voice that could cut through glass and is clearly nothing more than an old fashioned bully. She has two sheep that follow her and guffaw at the appropriate moments; the sheep are Jo O’Meara (former member SClub7) and Danielle Lloyd (Teddy Sherringham’s girlfriend and a model). The victim of Jade’s bullying is Shilpa Shetty a Bollywood actress that has starred in around 35 films. The programme has prompted a record 19,300 complaints (this is a jump from a reported 3,500 complaints on Tuesday) about alleged racism against one of the contestants i.e. Shilpa. Last night a disagreement broke out between Jade and Shilpa, I believe it was over oxo cubes ordered from Big Brother as part of their weekly shopping but I didn’t watch enough of it to get the details. I did manage to catch Shilpa’s parting shot to Jade ‘You are famous for this [Big Brother] enjoy it’ before she stormed out of the room. I thought this was pretty funny (and so fricken true) but I’m quite sure Jade didn’t think it was that amusing. I think it’s a ridiculous programme made even more ridiculous by allowing Jade Goody to participate in it!

What was wrong with the other 7 channels?
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