Friday, January 05, 2007


Hairy Chest = Higher Intelligence?

I was listening to Rick O’Shea on 2fm last night as I drove home and he mentioned that men with very hairy chests are reputed to be more intelligent than men with very little hair on their chests. Needless to say I was curious about the concept of hairier men being more intelligent and consulted my good friend Google to see what the story was. Research carried out among medical students in the USA found that 45% of male medical students were very hairy, compared with 10% of the general population. A study of 117 male members of the Mensa society (those with an IQ of over 140) showed that Mensa members had a tendency to have thicker body hair and the most intelligent members had hair on their backs as well as on their chests. In southern India research was carried out among medical & engineering students and manual labourers which found that the medical & engineering students had more body hair than the labourers. In fact the top six in the class of engineering students were far hairier than the bottom eight. Does this mean that Tom Selleck and David Hasselhoff are amongst the most intelligent men in the world? I think this research is making a big generalisation… after all Albert Einstein apparently had no body hair at all!

Are you dissing the intellectual prowess of Mr.Selleck and the Hoff???

Like hello!
Yes, yes, I remember reading something about Einstein and the "No hair theorem".
Damn, even with these new rules Im still only average intelligence. Arse
PCB, I'm not dissing the intellectual prowess of Mr. Selleck (I love Magnum PI) or the Hoff. It's just that they are two very hairy specimens and I wondered if they were among the MOST intelligent men in the world.
Well - what if it's actually something that's a byproduct? What I mean is - what if the more intelligent people are actually hairier because the less intelligent people end up working more physical labour or have somehow harder lives, therein rubbing away hair or stress leading to body hair loss or lack of development? Instead of a hairy chest being a predicter of intelligence, could lack of intelligence be a cause for hair loss?
MCJ, interesting theory about lack of intelligence causing hair loss. Maybe that could be a follow up study for these researchers.
Dear God, do I have to dish out lessons in causality again!!!

The study merely highlights a correlation between hairiness and intelligence, it doesn't actual prove a causal link between the two.

(Hold me down before I get cross! :-)
I didn't notice dependence on hairy chest and high intelligence, but i noticed that if a man bald, then his chest is hairy and opposite.
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