Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Bad Hair Days

The truth is out... according to Today FM the reason that women are cranky and moody is because of their hair. Bad hair days have a very detrimental effect on women causing many of them to pick pointless fights with their partners as a means of venting the frustration about their bad hair. According to research, over a lifetime a women will only have four good hair days per week. I was surprised by this piece of interesting news from the Ian Dempsey breakfast show and to be fair I think that four good hair days a week isn’t a bad result!

I think I will use this piece of knowledge if I ever find my self trapped the headlights of a unprovoked female attack.
Betty, you've never had a bad hair day in all the time I've known you... so how come you're always so frickin' odd??? :-)
I'd say it's because my oddness isn't connected to my hair. I'm not sure what it is connected to although I suspect it's probably a stand alone component. :-)
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