Friday, February 16, 2007


Bad Weather and Flying

I had an early start yesterday morning leaving the house at half six and heading to the airport for an Aer Arann flight to Dublin. The weather was particularly awful with lots of rain and strong winds. As I sitting in the departures lounge waiting to board the plane I looked out the window and could see the pole with lights attached swaying in the wind. This was not the best sight to see when you are about to board a small plane. We eventually boarded the plane after about a half an hour’s delay but the air hostess assured us that our arrival in Dublin wouldn’t be too delayed because with the strong winds we would be ‘blown all the way to Dublin’. I can’t say that I felt all that reassured by her comment. The take off wasn’t too bad and most of the flight was ok. Unfortunately the last ten minutes of the flight before landing were awful, so awful in fact that the women sitting in the seat diagonally across from me got sick three times. You know what it is like when someone else gets sick and you’re not exactly feeling honky dory yourself and all you can think about is not getting sick yourself. I was fairly impressed with the Aer Arann hostess on the flight as she was very kind to the passenger that had gotten sick. Our landing was a bit hairy with the plane literally slamming to the ground. Needless to say I was delighted to get off the plane and onto solid ground again. The return flight later that afternoon started off shakily with the plane was shuddering for the first five to ten minutes of the flight but thankfully the landing was relatively smooth. The whole experience has led me to the rather obvious conclusion that bad weather and flying do not go well together.

Good to see you landed in one piece.
I found the hostess "blown all the way to Dublin" comment very funny :D
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