Thursday, February 22, 2007


Ballroom Dancing Update

I had my fourth ballroom dancing class on Monday night and we started the class with an energetic barn dance. Obviously this isn’t a ballroom dance but it was an essential way of warming up because the room was freezing. After the barn dance we proceeded to start learning the waltz. When we learn a new dance the women line up at one side of the room and the men line up at the other side of the room, then the teacher goes through the new steps for each group separately. After we have gone through the steps a few times the teacher puts on music and we practice it to music. This week he had a CD of someone counting out the steps for the waltz but the guy on the CD sounded like something straight out of a hammer horror film. As I looked around at everyone practicing the steps with their arms outward (even when we practice the steps individually we have to have our arms in the same position as if we were dancing with a partner) it struck me that we looked like a room full of zombies. Needless to say that sent me into a fit of giggles and earned me a stern glance from the teacher. I’m finding it very hard to take this class seriously. :-)

Maybe you should ask if the guy on the CD is Béla Lugosi?
Actually the guy on the CD did sound a lot like Béla Lugosi!
Where are the ballroom dancing lessons in Cork and would you recommend them ?
I'd recommend ballroom dancing classes in the School of Commerce in Cork city.
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