Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ballroom Dancing

I started an evening class in Ballroom and Latin American dancing class a couple of weeks ago. This is my second attempt at ballroom dancing I also took a ballroom dancing class last year. My interest in ballroom dancing started a few years ago when I got addicted to Strictly Ballroom on BBC1. All of the people that took part just looked so graceful and elegant even the ones that weren’t that good still managed to look great on the dance floor. There is something mesmerising about good dancers, watching them glide around a dance floor is a bit addictive. I really enjoyed the first dancing class that I did and the teacher was excellent. She was great at explaining the steps and getting everyone in the large class to give it a try. The class that I’m doing now is in a different location and with a smaller group. Unfortunately the teacher of this class isn’t as good as the previous teacher that I had. It’s not that he can’t dance, he technically can but he just doesn’t look at all graceful or elegant when he is dancing. He sort of reminds me of the character of the priest (played by Graham Norton I believe) dancing in a caravan in an episode of Father Ted. I’ve been trying hard to get that image out of my head ever since the first class a couple of weeks ago. The class is still fun and we are due to learn how to Jive in a few weeks so I’m not willing to give up on it yet!

Must give a dancing class a go some time...
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