Monday, April 30, 2007


Fionn Regan at the Savoy

Last night I went to see Fionn Regan play in the Savoy. Fionn started his Irish tour on the 18th of April in Dundalk and finished it last night in Cork. He was supported by a guy called Ollie (I think) who was really good. He played a number of his own songs as well as an excellent cover of the Cure’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. Fionn came on stage with a band and a butterfly net. He started off by playing and singing the first song without the microphone so that everyone was practically leaning forward to catch what he was saying. He then switched from this mellow quiet number to using the microphone for a lively song with great drums. After playing a number of songs and telling us some weird and wonderful stories he took a break to wave the butterfly net over the heads of the crowd. He then informed the audience that this was his atmosphere catcher, so that if someone asked him how the gig was in Cork he could produce some atmosphere bottled from the atmosphere catcher. It was that kind of gig, thoroughly enjoyable for all its oddness. Unfortunately I have a gripe, not about the music but more about the five or six idiots in the audience who persisted in talking during the whole gig. They didn’t even bother to whisper, it was like they were incapable of whispering. I don’t get it, why pay almost twenty quid to go and see a gig if you are just going to rabbit on about fecking inconsequential rubbish the whole time. It is so bloody annoying!!! (Double Grrr…)

Grevious bodily harm is the only way to go I think
I was really tempted to do something like that but I just about restrained myself!
Fionn is great, I've never seen him live though and would love to. The guy playing support was Ollie Cole, from Kells, Co. Meath. He was in a band called 'Turn' a few years ago who produced some great songs and a few mediocre ones too. Surprised to see him touring again, glad to hear you enjoyed it.
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