Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The Happiest People in Europe

BBC News today is reporting that the Danes are the happiest people in Europe. Apparently the Danes are a happy bunch for the following reasons:
• Denmark has a 37-hour week.
• Parents get 52 weeks of maternity/paternity leave to be shared between them (24 weeks is usually at full pay, with the rest often at as much as 90% pay and much of it can be spread over the first nine years of the child's life)
• Childcare is subsidised with no parent being asked to pay more than 25% of the cost.
• Most people leave work at 4.30pm and there is no pressure to work overtime
• Family oriented and consumer oriented
• 78% of Danes consider globalisation to be an opportunity
• Generous unemployment benefits
• Life long learning
• Faith in government as an institution
• Authorities are normally competent, uncorrupt and approachable
• Effective public transport
However there are some people that believe that the Danes happiness is down to low expectations. One researcher believes that Danes are more realistic about life compared to other nations where they have higher expectations. He also believes that the Danes are just happy that things didn’t go as badly as they may have feared!

Being Danish the result does surprise me a bit, but then again not overly so... Its been a long time since we didnt have a good economic growth, and people (or most) does seem to have realistic dreams and hopes for the future. Poverty doesn't really exist and that is probably the key to the low crime-rates. Safety is huge in Denmark, and I would have no second doubt about letting my kid walk, take public or bike to school and sports.
Thanks for the comment!
sounds like the place to live although heard the price of alcohol is very expensive over there!
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