Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Women Ogle More Than Men

A study which was carried out on heterosexual men and women, using an eye-tracking device found that women are worse oglers than men. The participants were shown sexy photographs of a person of the opposite gender while their roaming eyes were monitored. The researchers found that men kept their eyes coyly on the women's faces for far longer than the women did. Women's eyes flickered downwards from the face first, although both male and female participants looked at genitals for a comparable length of time.
Did anyone out there think that women didn’t ogle men? I think the reason that guys have gotten such a bad reputation for ogling women is that they are so blatantly obvious about it. Women are fair subtler when eyeing up men, I think it has something to so with the fact that we have better peripheral vision. I read something about it weeks ago and apparently it dates back to prehistoric times when women took care of the children in the cave and needed better peripheral vision to help them spot approaching danger. Well, that’s one theory anyway!

But do you ogle men? :)
Does the picture of Johnny Depp give it away? :-)
Oh right :) I replied to your comment about 300 btw, just in case you forgot about it.
Thanks Gammagoblin, I just read it.
no wonder. Women always ogle me
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