Monday, May 28, 2007


The Lemonheads come to Cork!

I was kind of excited when I heard that the Lemonheads were playing in Cork. They played at the start of May in the Savoy and it was a great gig. I was a bit fan of ‘It’s a shame about Ray’ and ‘Come on feel the Lemonheads’ when both of those albums were released. They played loads of songs from these albums as well as songs from some of their other albums that I didn’t know that well. Evan Dando, the lead singer of the band, looked pretty much the way he did back in the early nineties. I remember having a picture of him stuck in the back of a school diary along with a couple of pictures of Johnny Depp. The band played for more than an hour and managed to pack in a hell of a lot of songs in that time. Evan Dando has a great voice and was well able to keep the audience enthralled even during some solo numbers. My favourite part of the night was when he sang ‘Into Your Arms’ and everyone joined in, it was a really nice audience participation

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