Thursday, June 14, 2007


Dave Geraghty

David Geraghty, a member of BellX1, is releasing a solo album and a single. The album, entitled ‘Kill Your Darlings’, will be released in September this year and the first single, ‘Fear the Hitcher’, will be available to download for free from Dave’s website tomorrow. ‘Fear the Hitcher’ is the song of the week on the Ian Dempsey show on Today FM so you could probably hear it sometime tomorrow morning between 7-9am. Dave is playing a gig tonight in Crawdaddy, Harcourt Street, Dublin. I wish I was going to see him play but I’m hoping that he will make it to Cork soon for a solo gig.

Good to see that Tadhg Cooke is part of the band.

Does this post constitute stalking or just fanaticism?
This post constitutes neither stalking nor fanaticism but merely an appreciation of good music. :-)
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