Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Fred played in the Opera House on Saturday night to mark the launch of their new single ‘Good One’. Hurray for Humans opened the proceedings and they were followed by Oppenheimer. Hurray for Humans had a really good drummer and I was impressed with Oppenheimer because the band is made up of just two guys who put on a really good show. After the support bands had worked their magic the crowd was treated to a performance by three jugglers before Fred made their way on stage. Originally when I bought tickets for Fredfest from the Opera House I was told that all the seats would be taken out but a couple of days before the gig I head that they couldn’t take out the seats for fire safety reasons. When we got there on the night some of the seats in front of the stage had been taken out but most of the seats were still in place. At the risk of sounding extremely old I was quite glad that there were seats there. I got to sit in comfort during the support acts and then I was able to stand up and enjoy the Fred energy in full when things were in full swing. Hurray for optional seating I say ! I really enjoyed the entire Fred gig. They have such energy and enthusiasm and always look like they are having fun on stage. Being at a Fred gig is kind of like getting an extra large surge of endorphins to the brain. :-) Their drummer is excellent and more of a performer than drummers normally are, I loved the bit where he leapt off his stool after the first song so he could put on a rather funky shirt. Fred played loads of songs both new and old. They also managed to get some great audience participation going before rounding off the show with a good encore that ended shortly after half twelve. Their new single ‘Good One’ is available for purchase and download from their website . There are also lots of other great bits and pieces on Fred's website.

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