Tuesday, June 12, 2007


War Games

Despite the odd bout of road rage (and the fairly frequent crowd rage) I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly peace loving person until last weekend. A group of us went to Clonakility and participated in an afternoon of War Games, which was sort of like laser/electronic paint balling. The good thing about the laser war games is that you don’t get the hideous bruising that I’ve heard comes as standard with actual paint balling. Although I did still manage to get a rather spectacular bruise on my left shin, but that’s more due to my own clumsiness and the unfamiliar surrounds of a forest rather than an attack by the enemy. When we arrived we were each given a dark green jumpsuit, a helmet and a gun. I think last Saturday was one of the hottest days so far this year so it was pretty funny to see people putting on the jumpsuits over t-shirts and shorts. The first game started off slowly and I spent most of it trying to spot the other team and avoid getting killed. Things livened up after that and by the third game I’d morphed into a combination of Rambo and Steven Seagal (well in my head anyway). Suddenly I was ducking and diving behind trees and firing off rounds and grenades like I’d been born with a gun in my hand. It was good fun and I’d definitely like to do it again. The only downside has been the creakiness of my poor legs for the last couple of days – I think they are still in shock!

I'd love to do something like that! Was it with mates or a work-do? Great stress reliever I bet...
I was with a group from work but it wasn't a team building exercise it was more for fun. Yeah, it was a great stress reliever. I'd love to try something along the same lines again.
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