Thursday, July 19, 2007


Irish and English Males ‘Most House Proud’

According to a survey reported in today’s Irish Examiner Irish and English men are the most house proud in Europe and spend an average of almost seven hours a week cleaning!

The league table of European house proud men looks like:

Nationality and Average Weekly Time Spent Cleaning

Irish Men - 7 hours
English Men - 7 hours
Danish - 5 hours
Dutch - 5 hours
Finnish - 5 hours
Swedish - 5 hours
Bulgarian - 4 hours
Romanian - 4 hours
Polish - 3 hours
Czech - 3 hours
Latvian - 3 hours
Lithuanian - 3 hours
Slovak - 3 hours
Turkish - least likely to do any cleaning
Croatian - least likely to do any cleaning

The survey also showed that across all countries women spend at least twice as much time cleaning and doing housework compared with their male counterparts. In addition the survey reported that on average Irish women spend 17 hours a week cleaning their homes.

The survey doesn't actually show how much housework gets done though.
I mean it may just take men 7 hours to do one simple task. :D
That's true, they don't mention how much housework is actually being done. What household task could take seven hours to complete? :-)
Or perhaps men are just more efficient and get the same work done quicker. It's just that women spend half their time going over what a man has already cleaned up!
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